Tucker and Ron Paul, and Why Ron Paul is Low in the Polls November 7, 2007 | 10:38 am

Interestingly, Ron Paul never met the person who organized the largest day in political fundraising history — over $4 mil for his campaign. It was a genuine groundswell.

An interesting post on Daily Paul caught my attention, because it asks an interesting question that I’ve been wondering about.

Why is Ron Paul so low in the polls?

Most pollsters are calling “likely Republican voters” which generally means “Republicans who voted in the last presidential election”. Most of those Republicans voted for Bush, knowing full well what Bush is made of. Those people are now responding favorably to similar politicians like Giuliani, Romney and McCain, even Huckabee.

But who are they NOT including in the polls?

  1. People who did not vote at all last election, like new voters aged 18-21 and people who never vote due to apathy or disgust. This is a big core of RP Supporters.

  2. Independents: This is a big core of RP Supporters.
  3. Republicans who did not vote in the last election because they were disgusted with Bush
  4. Democrats who switched to Republican to vote for RP!
  5. Libertarians and other 3rd party members.
  6. People who do not own landline phones! College students, and in fact a good majority of people under 30, do not even own a landline! Pollsters never call cellphones. Young people make up a large proportion of RP supporters.