Announcing Gradle-Plugins November 25, 2009 | 07:16 pm

A lot of people know that I have contributed a lot of Grails plugin work, even if my take on contributing is somewhat controversial. Well, I’m continuing on with that approach of plugin contributions, but now for Gradle, the world’s most awesome build system. You can check out the plugins at Be sure to scroll down to see the README file with all of its goodness.

Currently, there are just two plugins: one to get at classloaders and one to execute shell commands. I’ll probably have some JRuby/Cucumber, maybe JAVACC, and almost certainly some conventional development plugins sometime in the future.

Note that I’m releasing the Gradle plugins under the CC0 (which is a classier form of my beloved WTFPL). Here are the details:

To the extent possible under law, Robert Fischer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Smokejumper IT Gradle Plugins. This work is published from United States.

  • Hamlet D’Arcy

    great news. Why not just submit the plugins back to the Gradle project?

  • Robert Fischer


    Is there a way to do that? I wasn’t exactly sure how plugins in the Gradle source code worked, but I’d be more than happy for the code to make it into Gradle core.