Ruby Summer of Code (RSOC)? March 23, 2010 | 08:59 pm

@Headius tweeted:

Plan A: Try to get GSoC to reconsider Rails org’s application.
Plan B: Organize a Ruby Summer of Code.

Since Plan A apparently hasn’t worked, maybe Plan B will be go?

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  • Mihai Maruseac

    Sorry for not getting into a GSOC :( Anyway, good luck with the RSOC (though, this conflicts with my organisation plans for the summer: the third edition of RSoC – ROSEdu[0] Summer of Code [1]).

    Unfortunately, both links are in Romanian (it is a RSoC project to translate them this summer).


  • Srdjan Pejic

    I’d be interested in seeing how Ruby Summer of Code would run. I’m not entirely convinced that “persuading” Google to include Ruby/Rails is the best idea.

  • Robert Fischer

    Edit: Added link to