JQuery PeriodicalUpdater in JSMag July 4, 2012 | 08:43 pm

The jQuery PeriodicalUpdater, which is undoubtedly my most popular open source project to date, is featured in this month’s JSMag. It’s actually a part of a two-part series, the first on jQuery PeriodicalUpdater in particular, and the second on witing jQuery plugins, using jQuery PeriodicalUpdater as an exemplar. So keep an eye out for that next month, too.

The jQuery PeriodicalUpdater is responsible for long-polling the backend from the client. When people usually write this code, it tends to be like some little kid: “Can I have it now? What about now? How about now? Now? Now? Now? Now?” This leads to exasperated servers. The PeriodicalUpdater handles this with much more grace, leading to happy servers while keeping the client up-to-date.

Like last month’s GroovyMag article, I’m offering a free copy of this month’s JSMag if you drop me a tweet asking for it. (There’s also a few more GroovyMag article codes for those tweets.)