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The Indie3 Project is Live! June 16, 2010 | 12:11 pm

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, the answer is a whole lot. But among other things, I’ve been working on the The Indie3 Project, a call to commit to keeping independent music alive by buying three independent albums a month. To make this easy on you, there’s a podcast with three recommended albums each month (and with an easy URL to do so!).

Attached to this blog post (and on the EnfranchisedMind podcast feed) is the introduction to The Indie3 Project by Crystal, the one-time co-host of Dave’s Lounge.

“That’s Great. Now What?” (The 7 Minute Sermon) December 29, 2009 | 01:39 am

While home for the holidays, I preached a sermon at Plymouth Presbyterian Church, the church where I grew up and where my parents still attend. The sermon title is “That’s Great. Now What?”, and it’s about the Christian experience of being given revelation and left to sort out the details for ourselves. It was the Sunday after Christmas, and I chose Deuteronomy 34 and Mark 16:1-8 as my Bible passages. Through providence or luck (depending on how you reckon such things), the Deuteronomy passage was where a church Bible study had reached, so that worked out well for them.

My mother told me that I had to keep it to 7 minutes, and those who know me from the No Fluff tour know that I barely clear my throat in 7 minutes, so I was moving at a good clip. There’s also a couple of major gaffes where I was thinking a bit ahead of what I was speaking. Instead of editing around those, though, I decided to just leave it au natural. All in all, I’m rather proud of it.

Here’s the link: “That’s Great, Now What?”.

EnfranchisedMind Podcast Series: Looking for a Name November 2, 2009 | 11:57 am

Being in the M.Div program, I’m going to have to do some preaching. I’m also signed up to do preaching December 27th at my parent’s church (Plymouth Presbyterian Church). In order to explore my pulpit voice and just to get some thoughts out of my head and into the wider world, I have a few relatively short monologues that I plan on sharing via the EnfranchisedMind podcast.

The issue is that I’m looking for a name of that series. I’ve always been bad at names and I’m stuck coming up with something that sounds right. Any recommendations?

“What is a BarCamp?”, Featuring BarCampRDU 2009 August 11, 2009 | 05:49 pm

The newest podcast episode: an introduction to BarCamps.

This podcast explains what a BarCamp-style conference is and how it works (at least, how BarCampRDU works), and then goes through the sessions that were pitched. There was a lot of feedback from BarCampRDU that centered around nervousness or confusion about pitches: people thought they had to do something ahead of time or have a pre-rehearsed presentation or be an expert in the field in order to make a pitch. And some people just didn’t get it until it was too late. I really hate hearing, “I would have made a pitch, but I wasn’t sure how to.”

So I created this podcast, which goes through BarCampRDU’s pitch process and then runs through the pitches that were made at BarCampRDU 2009. It features Matt Frye and Tanner Lovelace as unwitting co-hosts, and background music from Durham’s own Permanent4 (a.k.a. Dave of Dave’s Lounge, which I love).

Hopefully this helps people make sense of what’s going on and gets more people involved next year.

JavaOne Interview: This Ain’t Your Dad’s Java June 8, 2009 | 06:08 am

While at JavaOne, I sat down with Eric Klein and David Bryant of the This Ain’t Your Dad’s Java podcast. Eric is VP of Java Marketing at Sun, and David is Sr. Director of Java Marketing at Sun, so we talked about what brought them to doing a quasi-unofficial podcast, the nature of Sun and its warm relationship to the outside development community (with an interesting comparison to Apple), and how multiple languages on the JVM impacts Sun’s Java message. It was an extremely interesting conversation, and both Eric and David were more forthcoming and engaging than their corporate titles might make you expect.

You can subscribe to the EnfranchisedMind podcast at

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Story Slam: “Achilles’ Heel” May 18, 2009 | 10:59 am

I didn’t post anything on this before, but In the Loop hosted a Story Slam in May 2008, with the topic of “Achille’s Heel”. I got up and spoke, and while I didn’t make the radio edit, I did make the bonus track, which I’m now sharing with the podcast feed (details here).

The story is about my Grandpa Bob’s funeral, but is about as upbeat as one can get given the topic. It starts at about 12:30.