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Gaelyk (Groovy/Google App Engine) Persistence in September’s GroovyMag: Announcement and Errata September 9, 2012 | 11:24 am

This month, I have an article on persistence on Google App Engine’s persistence (BigTable/DataStore), viewed through the perspective of Gaelyk. One of the big things I highlight is ways in which this NoSQL engine differs from relational databases, and what that means for structuring your data and optimizing your structures. This is a part of the conversation which is often sorely missing, so I felt the need to highlight it.

Vladimír Oraný read through it, and said he liked it quite a bit, but noticed two things that I have to correct. First, I apparently imply through my example that you need to use @Entity in order to use coercion into Google App Engine’s Entity. This isn’t true: any bean or POGO can be coerced. I knew that, but apparently conflated two steps in a way that might be confusing. Second, despite an error in the documentation implying the contrary, @Unindexed cannot be applied to a class. Instead, you need to pass that as an argument to the @Entity annotation: @Entity(unindexed=true).

Like before, you can get a free copy of this month’s GroovyMag by tweeting me for it.

Grails Database Session Plugin June 6, 2012 | 02:07 pm

I’ve done a fair bit of updating to the Grails Database Session Plugin (originally written by Burt Beckwith), and
it is now released. The plugin solves the problem of cloud services often not having sticky sessions/session affinity, so as soon as you ramp up a second Grails application, you’re losing sessions now and again.

If you want more information on this plugin, check out this month’s GroovyMag (June 2012), where I’ve got an article going over the whole thing, including the differences in implementations, a peak under the hood, and extensive details on how to use the plugin. A summary version of it is available in the README file.

BTW, if you’d like a free copy of this month’s GroovyMag, tweet me and let me know: I have a few coupons to share around.

My Stuff in August GroovyMag and Grails Podcast #91 August 4, 2009 | 09:03 am

I’ve got an article in this month’s GroovyMag: the last half of my article on Grails logging. It gets into p6spy and Sublog, along with a couple of clarifications that arose after the first half of my article. It ends with a tour of a production logging file (to demonstrate a couple standard stunts I pull) and a new feature that will be available in Grails 1.2.

Also, Grails Podcast #91 did a soapbox dedicated to open source, referencing my Dear User of My Open Source Project post. Grails Podcast #89 also talked about my WebDev Radio interview. I also co-hosted/was interviewed by Grails Podcast in Grails Podcast Episode 81.

My Article on Grails Logging in This Month’s GroovyMag July 2, 2009 | 09:51 am

I’ve got an article in this month’s GroovyMag entitled “Goldilocks and Grails Logging — Part 1″. As the title implies, it’s about getting logging just right, and this month’s installment talks about how to think about logging, the underlying Log4J library design, and the basics of the Grails Log4J DSL. Next month will be on advanced Log4J DSL manipulation (including a stunt I just learned!), Sublog, and P6Spy.

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