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I Made This For All My Perl Peeps February 29, 2008 | 08:17 am

Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris: Larry Wall Haz Dem
(If you don’t get the joke, read this. The industry-standard CPAN Perl library also hosts a bunch of Larry Wall witticisms, right next to The Perl Purity Test. There’s some real software over there, too. Oh, and I mean Peeps1, not peeps.)

1 OMG, my eyes!!!

Le Jazz Affair: When You Get Plugged, You Should Really Return the Favor November 1, 2007 | 06:41 am

Got an e-mail read on Le Jazz Affair #201 (main website at, quicky little promo here).

That podcast mixes tech news, jazz news, and a bunch of excellent jazz. I’ve been listening to Sal quite a bit, and dropped him an e-mail after he pleaded with people to do so in an earlier episode. As a soon-to-be podcaster myself, I figured it would be good to give some support. Sal then read it online, roughly 13 minutes in.

Non-Relativistic Religious Tolerance August 20, 2007 | 07:56 am

Because you believe in the Christian tradition, which affirms the creation of the human race in the image of God…because of that, because, therefore, religious faith is so important, rather than because it is so trivial, therefore you must not constrain others, because faith can only be given freely.

– Jaroslav Pelikan, “Speaking of Faith: The Need for Creeds

I highly suggest people take a listen to that story. In fact, do all of “Speaking of Faith”. It’s not a Christian program — it’s from Minnesota Public Radio (a.k.a. American Public Media), and carries with it much of that secular flavor — but it is an astoundingly insightful program on how religion impacts people personally.

Neil Gaiman Meets CheapAss Games April 7, 2007 | 11:44 am

One of the people I read on LiveJournal was talking on LiveJournal about her run-ins with Neil Gaiman. This got me thinking about my prize possession from Fiddler’s Green, a small convention focusing on Neil Gaiman (and I came back with a LOT of crap from FGCon).

That prize possesion is the following autographed Gimme the Brain card:
Neil Gaiman's signature on a Gimme the Brain Card