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Open Source Journaling: Autobase v0.8.1 February 9, 2009 | 12:12 am

Did a bunch of work on Autobase tonight, culminating in a v0.8.1 release.

  • First, I upgraded to Grails 1.1b3. This wasn’t that big a deal, except they moved the staging directory on me, so I had to shift to using stagingDir on the eventWarStart to populate the war. That was on the to-do list for Autobase anyway, so it’s good it got done.
  • I also added a bit of a short-cut for things that have raw bodies (like the “sql” change) — bare string arguments will be set to the “sql” property. This isn’t the best solution for that, but the best solution involves upstream changes in Liquibase — it needs to somehow signal that a body is expected and what property to set with that body. Or (less OO-y), simply a helper object that takes the change and the string and applies it appropriately. This is probably coming in Liquibase 1.10, so the “sql” stopgap is only temporary.
  • I fought again with the whole column/where problem. The methodMissing dispatching was introducing arrays (instead of ArrayLists), missing existing methods, and other weirdness. I punted over to groovy.util.Proxy, but discovered that a proxy of a proxy fails. So I had to leave the dirty hack in place, because I just can’t get the meta-object magic to work.