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Newly Minted: JavaCC/JJTree Plugin for Gradle May 11, 2011 | 07:57 pm

I used to have a hackish JavaCC plugin under my Gradle-Plugins project, but I have ported it over to the Compiler plugins infrastructure that I announced before, and also added JJTree as part of the mix. This new approach solves a myriad of annoying edge cases in the old JavaCC plugin. The biggest benefit of the new version is that the process now integrates seamlessly into the normal Java compile, so you don’t have to split up your Java code into multiple different places. The second biggest benefit is that you can have more than one JavaCC per project (you now get one per source set, like in all the other languages).

Relevant pages with hopefully obvious URLs:

This is probably it for compilers for the moment. Left to my own devices, I’ll be releasing compilers for Ashlar (my own language) and BiteScript next, but they’re going to be a while into the future. An update to the Mirah one will be forthcoming when Mirah hits a slightly more stable point.